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Wind Augmenters

The BTI turbine is a uni-directional solution that rests parallel to (and up next to) the parapet wall on flat commercial rooftops. Part of the innovation of BTI’s design is what we call an ‘augmenter’ that rests on top of the parapet wall (and in the case of no parapet wall – the augmenter can act as a parapet wall) to guide the wind into the turbine blades.

The augmenter performs two critical functions as it manages the relationship (in height) between the ‘tip’ of the augmenter and the turbine’s axle rod. The augmenter also performs the function of guiding the wind into the turbines’ blades via its’ slanted shape.

The wind (like water) takes the path of least resistance and so the augmenter is shaped to accomplish this and it has ‘fins’ placed on it to help guide as much wind as possible into the blades. The augmenter is meant to optimize the naturally occurring vortex as it relates to getting that wind into the turbine blades. The augmenter (like the turbine blades themselves) is an additional and very unique market channel as it can have graphics applied to it.


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