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Turbine Design

The turbine frame is square steel tubing making it strong and lightweight, giving it a low profile and creating almost no noise or vibration. The turbine has a stainless steel axle rod down the middle of the turbine and it has six stainless steel, sealed bearings down the 27+ foot length. The ‘load’ factor on these bearing is virtually non-existent due to the horizontal-axis design and this helps keeps the maintenance requirement very low.

The BTI turbine design possesses exemplary and robust structural, mechanical and electrical characteristics that are particularly important when mounting a renewable energy system onto a building's roof. The turbine has a permanent magnet generator (PMG) that generates electricity when the turbine spins. The power is routed from the alternator to the inverter where it is inverted into AC power. The grid-tie inverter has the necessary protection circuitry for grid interconnection and converts the power to the proper uniformity in alternating current for consumption by the building at its main AC panel. Each kW consumed by the building's AC panel that was provided by clean, renewable, GHG-emissions-free wind turbines on the building's roof directly offsets a kW that would have been purchased from the grid.

Basic Electrical Design

Basic Electrical


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