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Famous Quote: “We do not inherit the earth from our parents, we borrow it from our children.”

The team at Building Turbines believes in a multi-faceted approach to meeting today’s demanding energy requirements. We also believe that renewable energy sources should play a prominent role.

The sun shines every day for all of us, free of charge and the wind blows for free as well. Non-renewable energy sources can cost a lot of money to find and move. We must take the fossil fuels from the ground and ship them long distances to places where they can be used.

Oil must be refined before it can be used. This is expensive. We also have to pay to clean up the pollution they cause. Economically speaking as coal and oil supplies get used up, their prices get higher.

In 2011, we are very familiar with the variety of issues caused by our macro-level dependence on fossil fuels and the time for focus on renewable energy is now. By implementing sustainable, clean renewable energy in smart and cost-effective ways, we can all win.



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