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Solar Integration

Rooftop Solar Application

Solar power, specifically photovoltaic (PV) panels have been a mainstay in commercial rooftop renewable energy solutions for many years.

With the booming interest in on-site wind power, Building Turbines developed a rooftop wind turbine solution that perfectly integrates with solar installations.

By using just a small footprint along the prevailing wind edge of a given building for each turbine, the remaining rooftop area is preserved for solar capacity.

Benefits from Combined Wind and Solar

The combination of solar and wind power offers a powerful renewable energy solution. Both solar and wind are intermittent sources of energy. Solar power is effective during predictable periods of time throughout the day. Wind turbines can produce energy at any time of day or night. Savings from shared electrical components and installation costs can be substantial.

Additionally, solar power may be extended around the perimeter area of a facility. Solar carports as pictured below are just one example. This installation is currently pending for Building Turbines HQ in Austin, TX.

Solar Carport Project - Building Turbines, Inc., Austin, TX

Present Status

Building Turbines and Green City Planet are currently in the process of forming strategic alliances with solar providers to enable cost effective solutions for solar and wind installations. As noted above, with a combined solar and wind power installation, the overall cost of both can be greatly reduced.

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