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LED Lighting Solutions

LED Lighting Solutions Conference Room Lighting

LED Lighting technology has matured at a rapid rate, and LED lighting prices have continued to drop in pace with the recent advancements in the technology.

LED lighting is the lighting source of the future, replacing not only incandescents but also flourescents, CFL bulbs and other types of lighting such as sodium vapor and metal halide lamps.

As more organizations continue to realize the benefits of moving forward with complete LED Lighting retrofits now, the demand continues to rise.

LED Lighting is attractive, desirable, and can save up to 70-80% on a given facility's lighting costs, where lighting costs typically comprise anywhere between 30-60% of a commercial building's overall utility usage. In some cases ROI can be reached in as little as 2 years, and most LED lights will last up to and even over 10 years.

LED Lighting Applications

Building Turbines and Green City Planet

Building Turbines has established direct relationships with several LED manufacturers through it's partnerships and it's subsidiary, Green City Planet. We can provide full commercial scale retrofits for any type of lighting, indoor and outdoor.

We can also provide financing, and in some cases there is no initial expense to the client and the savings begin immediately. When combined with wind, solar, and other renewable energy and energy saving applications, the complete solution results in highly effective cost savings and a bold statement of an organization's commitment to environmental awareness, sustainability goals, and corporate responsibility.

  • If you would like a consultation and assessment on a retrofit project for a commercial or industrial scale facility, please feel free to Contact Us.
  • For specific product detail, applications, specifications, and pricing you may visit Some products may be ordered directly online. Please note this portal is under development.

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