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Distributed Generation

The BT team also believes strongly in the DG model where the power is generated (via a clean and renewable source) on-site for direct consumption by the building. This model is called ‘DG’ and turns the ‘centralized’ power production model upside down and says – make the power WHERE it will be used.

Currently in the United States, up to 55% of every kilowatt produced is LOST in transmission. The degree of wasted time, energy, effort and money due to this issue is simply staggering.

We believe that the DG model has enormous potential to positively impact today’s energy demand. There are enough commercial rooftops that can be used to make power from renewable sources and efficiently and effectively deliver that power directly to the building’s AC panel (and grid). With a growing ‘install base’ of commercial renewable energy systems in a ‘DG’ model, the macro-level demand for fossil fuels, and all of the associated problems and costs can be reduced.


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