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Rooftop Wind Turbine Installation

Building Turbines Company History

As a commercial office building owner, Mr. John F. Graham Sr. began to realize the need for an effective renewable energy solution to help offset his demanding energy bill. Mr. Graham felt the wind’s potential when he was on his building’s roof. He decided to personally pursue the development of a viable rooftop mounted wind turbine.

Taking advantage of the fact that he owns the building, Mr. Graham began developing smaller models of the horizontal-axis wind turbine for mounting onto his building’s roof. At one point, with the second floor entirely vacant, Mr. Graham created his own wind tunnel using HVAC blowers to test the theories and models. John’s mission is to create the world’s first HAWT (horizontal-axis wind turbine) for rooftop mounting so that he could help make the world a better place through the robust and reliable creation of ‘distributed’ electric power from Mother Nature’s clean and renewable source – the wind.

Rooftop wind turbines can convert under-utilized rooftop space into "distributed generation" (DG) power sites. Most building rooftops can support multiple wind turbines that can share a single grid-tie to the building. The sheer magnitude of the available rooftop space throughout the USA combined with the wide-scale deployment potential of rooftop wind turbine generators can make a meaningful contribution to meeting the current renewable energy goals of many corporations, municipalities, states and federal departments and agencies.

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