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Building Turbines Advantages

The multi-directional design rests on HVAC-style curbs and is mounted along the roof's edge next to the parapet wall. The turbine takes full advantage of what is called a "parapet vortex" which naturally occurs as wind accelerates up the side of a building and crests over the roof top edge. The axis of the turbine is centered in this vortex capturing maximum electrical power generation capability from the wind.

  • The BT wind turbine design has been awarded 3 patents
  • The original BT turbine has an approx 10’ x 27.5’ footprint and the system weighs approx 1,400 pounds as a complete system
  • Patented design captures maximum rotational wind from natural vortex created at roof top edge
  • Horizontal axis design is more effective when mounting to building due to no mast or pole
  • Horizontal blades can be customized with full-color graphics and company logo (as well as the ‘augmenter’ that sits over the edge of the rooftop to guide the wind into the turbine)
  • Design allows for secure mounting on roof with minimal modification (no poles or costly roof modifications)
  • Well-suited for the urban environment (low profile, ease of installation, appealing design)
  • Low center of gravity with strong, robust square steel tubing (frame) design for rooftops which results in almost no vibration or noise
  • Installation can be accomplished without the use of expensive helicopters (easily assembling unit(s) on the roof top)
  • Scale-able design
    • Can add turbine units per available space on roof
    • All turbine units can share wiring and/or storage with each other
    • Turbines can be combined with solar (PV) cells and they can also share ‘system’

Scaleable System


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