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About BTI

About Building Turbines, Inc.

Building Turbines, Inc. (BTI) offers a unique, patented wind turbine product that can bring the dream of clean, affordable wind energy to a reality. The turbine is mounted on a strong steel frame, it has a low profile, low maintenance needs, and creates almost no noise or vibration. The BTI design possesses these exemplary and robust structural, mechanical and electrical characteristics that are particularly important when mounting a renewable energy system onto a building's roof.

BTI is an Austin, Texas based development stage renewable energy corporation focusing on designing and manufacturing revolutionary rooftop mounted wind turbines. The innovative and patented BTI’s design is ideal for commercial applications and creates reliable, cost-effective, clean and on-site renewable electricity.

BTI’s horizontal-axis wind turbines (HAWT) easily mount onto commercial buildings with flat roofs. The uni-directional design rests on HVAC-style curbs and is mounted along the roof’s edge next to the parapet wall. The turbine takes full advantage of what is called a ‘parapet vortex’ which naturally occurs as wind accelerates up the side of a building and crests over the roof top edge. The turbine’s axle rod is centered in this vortex capturing maximum electrical power generation capability from the wind.

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